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One of a kind Enhanced Healing Activity!

60 mins

Salt Healing Experience + Holistic Healing Class







Fridays Game Night in the Inner Sanctum

Dark Room Sensory Deprivation Therapy

$37 Salty Group Classes ReiMeSa & BreChaSa

$45 Salt Group Class SouReSa

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Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Holistic, Healing, Quantum Energy, Medicine, Alternate Healing


A combination of Reiki, Meditation & HaloSaltTherapy

This class will take place in the Inner Sanctum, our wonderful version of a Salt Cave, where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles (click here for more information concerning Halotherapy)

Combining Reiki (Bio~Energy Therapy) & Meditation is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration.

There are so many benefits to Meditate. It can help Reduce Stress, Create Focus, Improves Sleep, can help lower Blood Pressure, Relieve Pain, Connect you to your Higher Self at Source creating a Oneness with others. When you Meditate your pituitary gland in our brain secretes endorphins that help elevate your mood and help you with positive energy and thought in your Body & Mind allowing for that awakening to occur. After meditation you feel relaxed and at peace with yourself and others. 

What To Bring: Please bring your own Towel &/or Blanket & Yoga Mat

Breath, Chanting, Meditation, Reiki, Healing, Yoga, Holistic Healing, Salt Cave


A combination of Breathwork, Chanting & HaloSaltTherapy

This class will take place in the Inner Sanctum, My Sanctuary's Salt Cave, where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles(click here for more information concerning Halotherapy) 

Combining Breath & Chanting is thought to bring about improvements in emotional state and to decrease levels of stress in otherwise healthy people. Breathing changes according to the emotion or mental state you are experiencing in every moment. There is a specific breathing pattern that sets in when we are angry, for example; and another when we are fearful, depressed, tired, happy, etc. You can learn to breath in a way to assist you when your emotions change to bring you back to a sense of balance and peace. 

People have practiced breathwork to:

~ Develop &/or increase Self-Awareness

~ Aid positive self-development

~ Boost immunity

~ Overcome addictions

~ Release negative thoughts and old belief systems

~ Reduce stress & anxiety levels

~ Enhance creativity

~ Release negative emotions assisting with healing pain & trauma

~ Reduce chronic pain

~ Anger, Depression, Grief and more...

~ PTSD Post traumatic stress disorder

During this class you'll receive instruction on different breathing techniques to help you bring back balance into your body and mind keeping you grounded and connected to your higher self at source. You’ll learn how to correct your breathing, strengthen your breathing muscles and learn to active meditate on a daily basis. 

What to Bring: Please bring your own Towel &/or Blanket & Yoga Mat

Sound, Vibration, Healing, Reiki, Yoga, Massage, Healing, Salt Cave, My Sanctuary


$45 per person

A combination of Sound~Vibration Therapy, Reiki & HaloSaltTherapy

This class will take place in the Inner Sanctum Salt Room where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles (click here for more information concerning Halotherapy) 

Combining Sound Vibrations with Reiki energy and HaloSaltTherapy is one of the most advanced techniques to heal all layers of our Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul.

During this class you will feel the vibrations from various instruments that will be played for you such as the ones below. Allowing you to relax your mind and body. Belief is that sound can relieve a multitude of ailments on a Physical, Mental & Emotional level. Some notice a lowering of their blood pressure, improvement to circulation and a reduction in stress, anxiety and other. The halotherapy will assist with cleansing your lungs, organs and body. The Reiki will instill a sense of peace as you listen, feel & experience the wonders of this SouReSa™ class. 

Healing Sound Instruments Available at My Sanctuary:

Crystal Singing Bowls: Tuned at 423Hz for Cleansing, Balancing & Awakening the chakra system & 5D Heart Activation

Healing Tuned Pipe: at 528Hz for DNA Repair

Djembe Master Guinea Drum: to improve Cardiovascular health, reduce Stress & Activate your Inner Heart

Copper Wind Gong: Helps remove Emotional Blockages from trauma, stimulating altered states of consciousness

Native American Drum: Balances the Masculine & Feminine side connecting you to the Microcosm of the Universe

Hapi: Great for physical rehabilitation & emotional healing. Enhances memory, sleep & pain relief

Bamboo Rain Sticks: Promotes all around cleansing

Tibetan & Himalayan Singing Bowls: Assist with migraine relief, muscle rejuvenation & digestive health

Koshi Bells: Pyrenean mountain bells assisting with Sleep, Anxiety, Stress & cleansing negative habits & energies

Ocean Drum: Assists with Transformation, Cellular Memory release & Hypertension

Arias Copper Chimes: Enhances healing & protection from negative energies. An overall healing instrument

Tibetan Ghanta & Dorje Bell: Wisdom & Compassion. Energizes Chakras & cleanses the Auric field

What To Bring: Please bring a Towel &/or Blanket & a Yoga Mat

Salt Cave, Trataka Meditation, Gazing, Healing, Yoga, My Sanctuary

Cromo ~ Sound ~ Halo Therapy 

A combination of Color Therapy, Sound Therapy & HaloSalt Therapy

This class will take place in the Inner Sanctum, where Color meets the Salt Cave, where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles (click here for more information concerning Halotherapy).


Our eyes and our brain are created within the first days of fetal life. Our eyes start to develop just two weeks after conception, with the retina and the optic nerve developing as a direct outgrowth of our brain. This means that our retina is actually a piece of our brain that has grown into the eye. 

During this class you will be invited to focus your eyes (and, in turn, the mind) through intent but with relaxed gazing. Each color will be explained to you so you can focus on that particular healing. You will also listen to soothing and healing music to enhance the healing process.

Chromotherapy is the use of the visible spectrum, or color light, to heal the physical, mental and spiritual energy imbalance that tends to lead to disease. It is one of the most holistic and simple methods to cure illness. This healing modality does not require you to consume anything, nor does it require putting anything on your body like an ointment. You simply lay or sit under or looking at the desired color.

Colors are all vibratory. Each of the color photons has its own wavelength and frequency. The body recognizes these waveforms and responds to them. The way we perceive color is because of the vibration it holds. Each color charges our cells a certain way as a result.


Chromotherapy first originated in China, Greece, Egypt, and India. These countries used colors as medicine. Ever since 2000 BC, the use of light and heat were tools that the indigenous people intuitively used to heal chronic pain and injuries as well as illnesses such as the flu or pneumonia. The body consists of all colors of the visible spectrum, so the body needs to be exposed to colors consciously to remain balanced and healthy.

It is said that Cromotherapy can assist with:

  • Reducing Pain
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Increases Range Of Motion
  • Improves Circulation
  • Relieves Muscle Tension, Spasms & Arthritis
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  • Depression
  • Nervous stability
  • Calms the anxious mind
  • Balances the activity in the two hemispheres of the brain
  • Soothing effect on the cranial nerves
  • Improves Wrinkles
  • Improves Joints & Muscles

What To Bring: Please bring a Towel &/or Blanket & Yoga Mat

Meditation, Dark Room, Sensory Deprivation, Therapy, Healing, Salt Cave, My Sanctuary

Dark Room Sensory Deprivation Therapy 

Silence | Stillness | Oneness by...

Finding the Light within in complete darkness of a room allowing you to surrender to healing your Inner Self

Sitting or Lying down in complete darkness and silence while taking advantage of HaloSaltTherapy healing at the same time.

This will take place in the Inner Sanctum, Salt Cave, where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles (click here for more information concerning Halotherapy)

Dark Room Deprivation Therapy stems from a Taoist tradition of being in a place of total darkness either meditating or just being, allowing yourself to experience a higher state of the mind. Regular practice of this modality allows you to be alone with Self to reveal your YIN energy (Divine Feminine) aspect of life. This practice is also closely associated with sensory deprivation (SD is said to relieve anxiety, relax ones muscles and assist with pain relief among other.....). However, healthy people will also benefit tremendously from Dark Room Therapy.

This is a unique experience that helps quiet the mind allowing for your body to naturally rejuvenate. Sitting, Lying or Meditating in the dark stimulates the pineal gland enhancing your capabilities to bring you back into balance, especially during challenging times such as those we are living in at this time.

“Free from desire, you can see the hidden mystery. By having desire, you can only see what is visibly real. Yet mystery and reality emerge from the same source. This sources is called darkness. Darkness born from darkness. The beginning of all understanding.” Tao Te Ching"

What To Bring: Please bring a Towel &/or Blanket & Yoga Mat as well as earplugs.

Yoga, Reiki, Dance, Healing, Salt Cave, Group Classes


A combination of Movement, Reiki & HaloSaltTherapy.

This class will take place in our Salt Cave, the "Inner Sanctum" where you will reap the benefits of breathing in Halotherapy Medical Grade Salt Particles (click here for more information concerning Halotherapy)

We will work on Six "6" areas of your body: Muscles, Bones, Joints, Brain, Heart & Lungs using different & easy techniques that you will learn as you go.

It is so important to move your body with purpose to improve stability, balance & coordination. During these classes you will learn routines, similar to Dance, Thai Chi or Yoga, that you can do at home to improve your physical self. 

Nicky will take advantage of her years as a dancer & yoga instructor as well as energy release movements to assist you with fun routines that you will enjoy doing, will AWAKEN YOUR INNER CHILD WITHIN and allow you to reap the benefits from.

What To Bring: Please bring a Towel

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